MLN-26 Pewter

MLN-38 Kelly Gold

MLN-29 Ivory

MLN-36 Laguna Blue

MLN-28 slate

MLN-30 Pacific Teal

MLN-34 Lapis

MLN-22 White Fire

MLN-32 Lilac

MLN-37 regal Gold

MLN-24 Black Gold

MLN-39 Imperial gold

MLN-33 Royal Gold

MLN-27 Blush

MLN-31 Charcoal

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Handpainted, vinyl, and grasscloth wallcoverings

metal leaf NOTAN


Width: 36" untrimmed / 34" trimmed (by installer)

Repeats: Random

Roll size: Any increment between 1 yard and 5 yards.

Minimum order: 10 yards

Content: Vinyl coated cotton canvas with acrylic paint

Fire rating: Class A - ASTM E-84


Custom colors available

MLN-25 Palegold

mln-35 Angel Pink

MLN-20 Crimson and Gold

Image courtesy of Dave Adams, paperhanger